iCloud Recovers iPad For Sales Manager


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Hennie Stander, a sales manager was pleasantly surprised by the swift reaction of police officers after he lost his iPad at the airport. He boarded a plane headed for a business meeting carrying his iPad and a briefcase and forgot the iPad as his fight exited.

Stander recalls the events:

“I used my iPad while I was on the plane. I was going to be late for my meeting and, in the rush of departing the plane, I forgot my iPad in a compartment in front of my seat".

Upon realizing he forget the device, he contacted the airline to report the mishap and see if it was turned into lost and found.

Stander explains what he did next:

“I then decided to log on to my laptop and the iCloud service (which links Apple products with one another), and found that my iPad was still in the vicinity of the airport."

He reported what he found back to airline officials who instructed hime to contact the authorities. Using the iCloud the police tracked the device and found the thieves who took it, a driver for an aircraft catering company and a janitor. The men were arrested.