'Ice Road Truckers' Star Arrested for Kidnapping Prostitute

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The show Ice Road Truckers on The History Channel showcases multiple different truckers driving on frozen lakes and rivers near the Arctic in places such as Canada and Alaska. The show's appeal comes from the adrenaline rush viewers receive by watching these truckers narrowly escape peril after peril, all for the sake of making some extra cash. The show debuted on The History Channel in 2007, and by 2010 had enough of an audience that it spawned a spin-off entitled Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads. Apparently the thrill wasn't enough for one IRT: Deadliest Roads driver, however, as he has been charged for the kidnapping of a Las Vegas prostitute, along with extortion and coercion.

Tim Zickuhr was arrested on December 18, 2013 following a bizarre series of events involving the prostitute Snow White, real name Lisa Cadeau.

According to the police report, Zickuhr had solicited Snow White for sexual favors on the night of December 18. Instead of getting the money to pay her himself, however, he gave his credit card to Snow White and told her to go to the ATM to withdraw the money herself. And then things went downhill in a hurry.

After performing the sexual favors, one presumes, Zickuhr informed Snow White that she had withdrawn too much money and that he wanted the $1,000 she overdrew back. According to Snow White, however, she did not withdraw such a large amount of money.

"I only withdrew the $80 I was supposed to and an additional $120 that I wasn't," Cadeau revealed.

When the two met up the next day to settle said dispute, things got out of hand.

"I met with him because he was searching for me door to door in the neighborhood and I paid him $300. He held the grudge and needed $1,000 to pull himself out of a rut from the steroids he was in debt over," recalled Cadeau.

When Snow White arrived at Zickuhr's apartment, he attacked her, punching her in the face before tying her up with backpack straps, dumping dirty water from a mop bucket on her, and then forcing her into a closet.

After discovering that Snow White did not have the $1,000 to hand over, Zickuhr demanded that she call someone who could post the debt for her. That's when Snow White's street-smarts kicked in. Instead of giving him the number to a close friend or a pimp, Snow White gave Zickuhr the number of a police officer friend who had given Snow White his number in case she ever found herself in a precarious situation.

Upon connecting with the police officer, Zickuhr stated that he, “…had Snow White, and if [the officer] didn’t bring $1,000 to a phone booth at Lynwood and Sahara, he was going to go to Mexico to kill Snow White.”

Little did Zickuhr know that his neighbors had heard Snow White screaming in the apartment and had called the police. When the Las Vegas police department arrived at his apartment, the nervous Zickuhr forced Snow White to jump out of the second floor window onto a car port.

In the meantime, Zickuhr met with the police officer he had made the previous arrangements behind a casino and was promptly arrested.

Zickuhr is charged with first-degree kidnapping, extortion, and coercion. His court date is currently set for May 6.

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