'I Quit" Video:Marina Shifrin Gets Job Offer From Queen Latifah

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Marina Shifrin was fed up with her old job. It wasn't enough for the 25-year-old video producer at Next Media Animation to clear her office desk and make a final exit. Instead, she made a YouTube video to make her feelings clear - it went viral overnight. In her video, Shifrin broke out into a sequence of interpretive dance moves to Kanye West's song, 'Gone', proclaiming to everybody that she was quitting her job. The captions in her video stated that she was tired of her boss caring more about the quantity of the videos she produced instead of the quality.

Her sensational video earned her a guest appearance on the "Queen Latifah Show". During the show, Latifah asked Shifrin if she had any regrets to which Shifrin responded, "no, sometimes I think you need to forcefully close one door in order for the other one to open a little easier." Latifah then asked her guest if she was looking for a job; Shifrin responded, "yes, are you hiring?". "I'm a boss," Latifah said. "And bosses can hire!" Latifah went on to offer Shifrin a position as a digital content producer for her show.

Shifrin was clearly surprised by the offer and shook Queen Latifah's hand in acceptance. As of today Shifrin's video has well over 14 million views on YouTube.

Marina Shifrin's former co-workers, were not to be outdone; they quickly put up a response video entitled "We're Hiring". The video aims to present their work environment as positive and laid-back. Take a look at the video below to see their response.

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