Humble Bundle For Android 2 Launches Today

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Are you a fan of the indie game focused Humble Bundle? You might want to listen up since the newest one has just launched today that includes Android-powered games.

This time, the Humble Bundle includes hits such as Avadon, Cogs, Zen Bound 2, and for the first time on Android, Canabalt. You can acquire these games for any amount you wish to give. It also lets you split up your payment to give all the money to charity, the developers or the Humble Bundle itself.

Like past bundles, if you pay above the average of $5.66, you will also get Swords and Soldiers. If you have yet to play Swords and Soldiers, it's an excellent 2D strategy game that is worth paying over the average amount for.

The main point of the bundle is definitely getting these games out on Android, but they are also available for PC, Mac and Linux. Each game also comes with a Steam key to bring the games to your Steam account if you so wish.

As an added bonus, people who buy the bundle will also get the soundtracks for Swords and Soldiers, Canabalt and Zen Bound 2. That's quite the amazing value since I can confirm that the soundtrack for Canabalt is already worth it.

The bundle is already sitting around $32,000 in sales. It still has 14 days to go before it wraps up. Be sure to give to some awesome charities and get some sweet games while you're at it. If you're not convinced yet, check out the free flash version of Canabalt. It should make you realize it's worth your hard earned money.

[h/t: Indie Game Magazine]

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