Hulk Hogan's Contract With TNA Ends

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Hulk Hogan is a legend in the wrestling world but unfortunately his contract with TNA wrestling is about to. If Hogan and TNA can't come to an agreement with their negotiations, Hogan could be walking away from the ring again. The problem seems to be that Hogan is requesting a raise and TNA is not sure if they are ready to shell out the big bucks for the Hulk. His departure on Thursday night’s Impact was dramatic, as should be expected of the wrestling icon.

Hogan has been unhappy with TNA lately, especially after his daughter Brooke decided to leave, telling TNA owners but not Hulk himself. TNA has also recently tried to cut costs and may not be able to afford Hogan if he comes at a hefty price. Fans love Hogan and have since the 80's when Hulkamania was everywhere but is his popularity worth his asking price .

There is no doubt that he is an incredible entertainer and a huge asset to TNA, but he hasn't necessarily went out of his way to help the company. Hogan has not boosted ratings for TNA or their PPV buy rates. He currently doesn't do any promos for the company and even in his interviews, he rarely mentions TNA.

Rumor has it that Hogan hasn't completely deserted the company just yet. They are currently still in negotiations and if they can get the financial stuff out of the way and Hogan can come to terms with the way the company is ran, fans may still see him on TNA.

In the meantime, it doesn't look like Hogan will be getting bored. He recently announced he will be partnering with a web hosting company to launch Hostamania. The company will focus on cloud hosting program and also offer web design. Hostamania will launch later this month and if it is successful, Hogan may forget about his contract with TNA and focus on his new business venture instead.

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