Hulk Hogan Talks Old Beef With Randy Savage

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For those that don't know, wrestling legends Hulk Hogan and Randy "Macho Man" Savage weren't on speaking terms for quite some time. Apparently, it had to do with a falling out that happened in Miami many years ago.

According to Hogan, Savage and his then wife, Elizabeth Hulette, had a nasty argument at a hotel, and the police showed up, which got Savage into trouble. Savage blamed Hogan for the police arriving and also blamed him for speaking about their beef to the press.

Tragically, Hulette died from an alcohol and drug overdose in 2003, and Savage died from a heart attack in 2011.

Since then, Hogan has talked about patching up their old beef, and recently went into further detail about how they mended things.

"We ran into each other at a doctor's office," recalled Hogan.

"I was on my seventh or eighth back surgery, and I couldn't pass an EKG because I was getting just jammed up with anesthesia every three or four months.....Jennifer and I were sitting on those little seats in the doctor's office in Tampa, and all of a sudden the door opens and in comes Randy."

"'Yeeeah! Ooooh yeah! What's up, Hogan'? He had that gleam in his eye and looked really healthy," added the Hulkster. "He gained his weight back and he had a wedding ring on. I said, 'Hey, Mach, what's up with the ring'? He said, 'Hey, just married my childhood sweetheart.'"

But although the two legends were on speaking terms again, they never returned to having the same type of friendship they once had before, but Hogan did reach out to Savage three days before he passed away, and even invited him to his house for a social gathering.

"I invited him over to have a barbecue, and really got back on track, which was cool," Hogan explained. "Later, I was with Lanny, his brother, at an independent wrestling show. He told me their mom wasn't doing so well with [Randy's father] Angelo passing away, so we had planned on having a barbecue at her house.....So, Lanny and I called Randy from the arena. Three days later, he had the heart attack. It was crazy."

And though it's been almost three years since Savage passed away, Hogan says it's still difficult for him, and he thinks about Savage all the time. "That's the tough one," he said. "Out of all the guys who have passed away, that's the tough one for me. Because he was a great person."

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