Hulk Hogan Says Johnny Manziel Is The Next Greatest Of All Time

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Hulk Hogan is such a big fan of Johnny Manziel that he came up with a video praising the player. Wearing a bright lime green shirt, red headgear, shades, and his iconic Hulkster ‘stache, the wrestler began his video by saying: “Hulk Hogan here, the greatest of all time.”

Hogan then introduced the reason for his on-screen appearance: “But the next greatest that’s coming along, that’s gonna change the whole world of football, is ‘Johnny Football Jack’, Johnny Manziel.”

The Hulkster then moved away from the center of the screen, revealing a cardboard cutout of Manziel about to make a pass. He began to express his admiration in earnest.

“You know no one could tell except Hulk Hogan that he’d have the heart of a lion,” the 60-year-old celebrity said.

Hogan continued, saying “No one could tell except Hulk Hogan that he’d have the greatest arm that’s gonna be in the NFL,” as he flexed his own arm, showing off his bulging muscles. And according to him, no one else but him could tell that Manziel is “a superior being, a superior athlete” because of course, it takes on to know one, right?

Last Thursday, the Texas A&M quarterback had his Pro Day, his official workout for the annual NFL drafts. Present were 30 NFL teams, seven head coaches, and at least eight general managers. The Pro Day even drew the attention of Texas governor Rick Perry and former president George H.W. Bush and wife Barbara.

Manziel threw a total of 65 passes, and all but two were caught by six receivers. He definitely impressed his audience, and after the workout thanked them for coming. Later that day he met with several teams to discuss his pro career.

Hogan may have seen enough of Manziel's game to have developed such an extreme admiration, but he also may not know Manziel’s name by heart. The wrestler says in his video, “So, you know somethin’? When Johnny Mantell, Manziel, I call him ‘Johnny Football’—what the heck, I call everybody ‘brother’.” The blunder and excuse were said in rapid succession—perhaps he was that excited?

Overcoming his slip-up Hogan said, “When Johnny Football takes over the NFL, whatchagonna do when the host of Wrestlemania 30 is behind Johnny Football and we run wild—on—you?” he growled, while slowly throwing a massive knuckle at the camera.

What will pro football and wrestling fans do, indeed? Is the Hulkster right in his predictions of Manziel’s success as a “superior athlete” in the NFL? Or will he turn out to be just another football player who'll eventually falter once he begins his pro career? We’ll just have to find out.

Hulk Hogan thinks Johnny Manziel is the next "greatest of all time". Watch video.

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