Hugh Hefner Celebrated 88th Birthday


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Hugh Hefner knows how to throw a party and is known for having some of the biggest and the best in Hollywood. When it comes to his own birthday, he usually chooses to do the same thing every year, and host a Casablanca movie night at the Playboy Mansion.

The celebration will last throughout the weekend and many of Hugh's closest celebrity pals and family members will attend the event. While the Casablanca movie nights may not get quite as wild as some of the other parties hosted at the Playboy Mansion, Hef insists that everyone always has a great time.

Although not everyone could attend the celebration, Hef wanted to make sure they were all included and was even thoughtful enough to share photos from the party on his Twitter page.

Hugh Hefner's actual birthday was on Wednesday and he took some time to reflect on his life and even addressed his teenage self on CBS This Morning's "Note to Self" saying,

"After launching Playboy magazine in'll come out from behind the desk and become Mr. Playboy, the embodiment of the magazine you've created. You'll even inspire those around you to reinvent themselves. The girl next door will become an international sex symbol through the pages of Playboy. Librarians, lawyers and even your own secretary will use Playboy as a tool to reimagine themselves. Millions of readers will aspire to live the Playboy lifestyle and you will challenge them to question what they believe about sex and sexuality, about personal freedom and civil rights."

"I will warn you now that not everyone wants to change," he continued. "This will be a lesson you will learn a number of times over the coming years. You will clash with authorities, politicians, religious groups and even the U.S. Post Office. You will throw yourself into the fight for women's rights and racial equality. You will battle to introduce African American performers, such as Ella Fitzgerald and Dick Gregory, to their first white audiences at the Playboy Clubs and on your own TV show. Yes, you'll have a TV show. There will be courtrooms and lawsuits, protests and debates. Asking the world to change is hard, but no worry— you'll be up to the fight, and more importantly, you will prevail."

"Over the years you will become an activist, a philosopher, a husband, a father. You will never stop evolving. You will be able to change a number of times, and that's good. Through it all, women will remain your muse. You will never stop seeing them as beautiful and mysterious. They are magical beings that will inspire everything you do. You know many of them—many—and you will have your heart broken many times. Don't worry—you will be okay," Hefner concluded. "Those who don't know you will label you a womanizer, but I know the truth: You're a hopeless romantic."

While some people only see the Playboy mogul when they look at Hugh Hefner, those who know him well and have been by his side since the early days of his career know how hard he has worked to help others and how caring of a person he really is. Happy 88th Birthday Hugh Hefner.

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