HTC One Nexus Edition Is Official, Will Cost $599


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It was rumored last week that HTC would release a Nexus Edition of its popular HTC One handset after the news of a Nexus Edition of the Galaxy S4 was received with such positive buzz at Google I/O. Now HTC has went and confirmed that rumor.

HTC announced today that a Nexus Edition of the HTC One will be available starting June 26. It will be sold exclusively in the Google Play store, and will cost $599. For those keeping track at home, that's $50 cheaper than the HTC One Developer Edition.

Just like the Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition, the HTC One Nexus Edition will ship with the latest version of Jelly Bean (Android 4.2.2) instead of HTC's own Sense software. You could install your own custom stock Android ROM on the SIM unlocked or Developer Edition, but the Nexus Edition comes with the official Google support that the Nexus experience offers.

Still, you're free to make your own choice about which HTC One device you want. You my want to try out the new HTC Sense on the One before you make the jump to stock Android. To compare the three HTC One models available, check out this handy chart:

HTC One Nexus Edition