HP Reportedly Shipping Fewer Than 21M Notebooks Next Year


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The traditional PC market, which includes notebook-style laptops, is in trouble. Sales of PCs have been falling for over one year now, thanks to the rise of the tablet market and the failure of Windows 8. Even HP, the largest PC manufacturer in the world, can see which way the wind is blowing.

DigiTimes today reported that HP will ship only 21 million units during 2014, down from around 32 million units shipped in 2012. The report's unnamed "upstream supply chain" sources stated that HP is expected to ship fewer than 30 million notebooks this year, and than notebook shipments could drop to fewer than 19 million units by the year 2015.

These lowered shipment expectations, say DigiTimes' sources, are due to a shift in HP's entire company focus. What was once the world's dominant PC manufacturer is now looking to emphasize its enterprise solutions business. In addition, HP has recently seen several executive management shakeups following poor quarterly results throughout 2013.

Total worldwide notebook shipments are expected to drop to 180 million units in 2013, down from 200 million just the year before. HP's notebook shipments fell 4.8% during the second quarter of 2013, allowing Lenovo to briefly overtake it in shipment volume. This is not predicted to last, however, as HP has recently begun shipping more notebooks for the back-to-school season.