Howie Mandel Sued For Damaging Restaurant

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Sometimes if you want to pull a prank of some sort, it'll cost you some money, especially if you damage other people's property.

That's exactly what happened to comedian and actor Howie Mandel, as he was sued for a sum of $103,408 by the owner of a Los Angeles based restaurant named Cowboys and Turbans.

Reportedly, Mandel caused the damage when he was filming his TBS show "Deal With It," where he and others pull pranks on random people in a public area. One of the women on the show had to curse up a storm, very loudly, while in the restaurant, and she also broke many dishes and jumped on expensive furniture, like a Yamaha piano.

The owner of Cowboys and Turbans isn't only suing Mandel for the damages, he's also suing TBS and the show's production company, Alevy Productions.

With the impending court case, it's clear to see that Mandel has his hands full these day, especially since he's a judge on the popular TV show "Who's Got Talent?" in addition to hosting his own prank show. But he's also making the TV rounds talking about America's mental health problem, as he himself sufferers from ADD and OCD.

In an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett, the 58-year old said that he suffered a great deal as a child, because he never knew what was wrong with him, and he felt all alone. "As a child I didn't know that these things even existed," he said. "I knew that I felt isolated."

Additionally, Mandel said that people need to take the same preventative steps with their mental health, as they do with the other parts of their bodies. "We take care of our dental health, we don't take care of our mental health," he said. "We are so behind in the world as to not have something in place that just teaches everyone how to cope."

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