How You Can Survive A Robopocalypse [Video]


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Zombies? Fake. Vampires? Not real either. There is one science fiction scenario that could take place one day: killer robots like Cylons or Skynet. Humans for years have been tinkering with the idea of true artificial intelligence, but if you had a robot who was self aware, would he see humanity as a threat? Nearly every single science fiction novel/movie of all time says yes.

The boys over at Epiohio have brought in Dr. Daniel H. Wilson who is a robot expert to help answer some questions about the impending robopocalypse. He goes over topics such as how to avoid getting killed and how to deal with large walking robots.

So if you aim for a robots sensors or have an off switch failsafe you can press you will be good. But that only really applies to a man made robot that becomes self aware. What is the robot in question was built as a sentient being by another robot?

There you have it, all you need to have to beat the robopocalypse is guns, mobility, and enough smarts to get out of the way!