How To Die in a Horror Movie [Infographic]


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Courtesy of The Cabin in the Woods comes this morbid infographic about how to die in a horror flick. Much like the movie, this infographic profiles the archetypal characters of your typical horror movie. You've got the virgin, the scholar, the whore, the fool, and the athlete.

Being impaled or devoured seems to be the preferred method for dying, although there are some incredibly unique ways to go. For instance, a whore character had a hot curling iron inserted into her... yeah. A scholar character was forced to eat their own brains before being killed (Hannibal?).

House-hold objects tend to be the most common instrument of destruction, accounting for 39% of the horror movie deaths. Maybe because Slasher movies account for 33% of all horror movies, kitchen knives being the preferred implement.

It may be worthy to note that the creators of this infographic do not supply any sources for their information, or any indication of what movies they are counting as "classics". So they could have just made this whole thing up.

I haven't seen this film yet, but I hope it isn't too much like Cabin Fever. To me that is classic, I would hate to see it be ripped off. Critics and audiences love the movie giving it a 92% and 81% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes. If it was a rip-off, I think most people would have caught on to that, so I definitely plan on seeing this movie.