Houston Airport Shooting Ends in Suicide, Note and Facebook Posts Left Behind

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A man fired multiple shots from a handgun in Bush Intercontinental Airport on Thursday before committing suicide. No one but the shooter was injured.

Houston's KHOU news is reporting that the man was 29-year-old Carnell Moore from Beaumont, Texas. The TV news station also reported that Moore left behind a suicide note stating he had a "monster within" and coloring the shooting as a suicide-by-cop situation.

Over the course of the week, Moore had posted cryptic messages to his Facebook account about "staring death in the face" and stating, "This Life Will Crash Tomorrow!"


Witnesses to the shooting told KHOU that Moore simply walked into terminal B at the airport and began firing his weapon. A U.S. Homeland Security agent is reported to have fired on Moore as the shooter fired a gun at himself. An autopsy will be performed to determine which bullet ended Moore's life.

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