"Hot Problems": New Viral Video Compared To Rebecca Black's "Friday"

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A duo of girls calling themselves "Double Take" have released a video on YouTube that is drawing comparisons to Rebecca Black's "Friday"...but not in a good way.

The 17-year old girls--Drew Garrett and Lauren Willey--have garnered almost 2 million views on YouTube since posting the video, which involves them riding around in the back of a limo while "singing" over a generic club beat about how difficult it is to be hot. The girls admit in an interview on Good Morning America that they are aware they can't sing, and were going for a "talking/singing" effect.

While the vocal stylings of the teens are drawing comparisons to Rebecca Black--one commenter said, "Ohh. My. God. I seriously love and worship Rebecca Black now. That was the most horrible 3 minutes and 4 seconds of my life"--it's the subject matter of the song that has some viewers annoyed.

"Hot girls, we have problems too," they sing. "We're just like you, except we're hot."

But the girls insist that the song is meant to be cheeky and funny and that they don't actually believe the things they're singing about.

"We wanted something funny to show our friends," Willey said. "We really didn't mean anything from it."

Rebecca Black, who swept the web last year with her single "Friday" was bashed relentlessly after the video went viral but went on to inspire Katy Perry, whose video for "Last Friday Night" recalls some of the imagery Black used.

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