Hope Solo Appears In Court For Assault Charges


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Hope Solo appeared in court on Monday for an assault case and was released on bail. Solo was arrested at her sister’s home in Seattle after she allegedly got physical with her sister and her 17-year-old nephew.

Solo pleaded not guilty to the charges but was ordered not to have contact with the alleged victims and to not drink alcohol.

Solo’s sister and her nephew claim that Solo was intoxicated on Saturday and attacked them both. Solo’s lawyer claims that she was the victim and was only defending herself.

The police received a call Saturday night saying that a female was hitting people inside the home and would not stop or leave. When the police arrived they found Solo and she was booked into jail for investigation of two counts of fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

Solo’s nephew released a statement in court about the altercation and claimed that the two got in an argument and called each other names before Solo charged him and started punching him. When the boy’s mother, Solo’s sister, tried to stop Solo from attacking the boy, Solo turned on her and also started attacking her.

The boy said that he tried to pull Solo off his mother several times and even broke a wooden broomstick over her head, but she refused to stop the attack. He said that finally he got a broken BB gun and pointed it at Solo, hoping it would scare her into leaving.

Solo remained at the home and continued to threaten the boy and his mother until she was arrested by the police.

According to Solo’s nephew, his mother had just recently allowed Solo to come back into their lives.

Solo’s attorneys claim that this is not the truth and are anxious for her to share her side of the story.

Image via Wikimedia Commons