Honey Boo Boo Mom: "DWTS" Calling?

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Honey Boo Boo has taken the world by storm, whether we like it or not, and her mom, June Shannon, is getting her fair share of press lately.

The entire family--featured on TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"--has made headlines over the past several months for their penchant for eating something called "sketti", farting, participating in the Redneck Games, and the Mt. Dew habit most of them seem to have (even little Honey Boo Boo herself, who uses it to get some energy before pageants). But recently, they've also garnered some attention for the good things they do, such as collecting toys, clothes, and money for the needy during the holidays. And despite the unconventional way they lead their lives, they are also getting strong, positive attention for continuing to be themselves--including staying in the same home they lived in before making big money with the show--no matter how popular they get. June Shannon has even said that the money her daughters make from appearances on the show goes straight into a trust fund and is untouchable until they reach a certain age.

With all the attention they're getting, it's no surprise that June is rumored to be up for a spot on "Dancing With The Stars". And while a rep for TLC has said the rumors are untrue, some are hoping she'll take a chance and sign up.

Shannon recently announced that she'd lost 115 pounds due to a rigorous shooting schedule and being more active, and many are applauding her for it.

"I have lost 115 pounds, but that's because I’m on the go. We love fried food, but I lost that weight because I’m more active doing things," she said.

Image: TLC

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