Home Security Systems: Affordable Advanced Options

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If you're looking for more home security options than ADT or the other Big Guy security systems, you may not have to settle for a drooly dog and the Batman signal-- there are more affordable options for your piece of mind.

There is a new generation of DIY security options that you should probably learn about-- these can be used with apartments, so easy to install that you can do it yourself, and there are no contracts and often no monthly fees. You can control the devices from your tablet or smartphone unlike many of the traditional Big Boys, and was the fact that they are affordable mentioned?

Here are the top three along with their prices and features:

This security system is known as one the first and best "smart security systems." It starts at the $199 of most of these security systems, along with an optional camera for $149 more. The basic system offers motion sensors, contact sensors for doors and windows, panic sirens and more. The optional camera allows you to view your home from your smartphone or tablet and can automatically take pictures upon a break-in.

The Canary of Indiegogo fame starts at $199 and has no use for further add-ons; it has a night-vision-ready camera, temperature, motion and humidity sensors, and an adaptive technology that learns your household movements while allowing smartphone access. According to its creators, it will be available May 2014

Viper Home
Viper Home is known for its consistency, and their basic package has no extra fees besides the optional $9.99 a month for an added camera. The fees make it a bit look less than when compared to the fee-free systems, but its integration with automotive security (these are the same guys that make the car alarm that audibly warns "Protected by Viper, stand back") and the awesome ability to work during power outages put it on top.

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