Holmes: Online Ammo Purchase Preceded Massacre

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James Holmes, officials say, purchased 6,000 rounds of ammo online before he shot up a movie theater in Colorado last year.

Officials have unsealed documents which show he received several deliveries from ammo companies in the weeks leading up to the shootings, as well as other packages; so many, in fact, that they were coming on almost a "daily basis".

Holmes, who has been charged with 166 offenses--including murder and attempted murder for the 12 people he killed and 58 who were wounded--has officially requested to change his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity.

Holmes also purchased several weapons from nearby stores, and police have stressed that everything he bought, he bought legally.

"Some versions of the AR-15 assault rifle that police said was one of three guns James Holmes carried into the movie theater massacre were outlawed for civilian sale under the federal assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. Since then, all versions have been legal for sale and possession in the U.S.," writer Kurt Heine said. "The AR-15, widely distributed by more than two dozen manufacturers in a range of calibers, is a semi-automatic rifle that fires shots individually, with each pull of the trigger. Aftermarket parts available at sporting goods stores include magazines big enough to hold 90 bullets. AP reports Holmes' gun was equipped with a high-capacity, drum-style magazine."

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