Holly Jones Blasts Restaurant After Her Meal Was 'Ruined' By Heart Attack Victim

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A young hairstylist from Indiana by the name of Holly Jones went online to slam a restaurant for having her New Year’s Eve meal ruined by an elderly woman who was having a heart attack.

Holly Jones, took to Facebook to slam Kilroy's Bar N' Grill in Indianapolis and to complain that her meal was ruined by “watching a dead person wheeled out from an overdose.”

Jones was apparently displeased with the service of the members of the crew saying the manager walked away from them to aid the sick woman. She also wrote that they were told by the manager that “someone dying was more important then (sic) us.”

Holly Jones also suspected that the woman who passed out while having dinner with her husband and son was a “junkie.”

However, according to the bar manager, Chris Burton, the woman she called a junkie was actually a 57-year-old woman who had a heart attack and had to be given first aid on the floor while they waited for the paramedics.

“I will never go back to this location for New Year’s Eve!!! After the way we were treated when we spent $700+ and having our meal ruined by watching a dead person being wheeled out from an overdose my night has been ruined!!!” Holly Jones wrote on her Facebook account.

Burton responded to Jones’ online tirade, thanking her for the feedback but said he was glad Jones was not coming back to the bar. He said they would not want anyone who was as “nasty” and “cold-hearted” as her.

Holly Jones issued one final post before deleting her Facebook page, denying she wrote the post and that someone else used her account to blast the restaurant.

Facebook users then bombarded the social media page of the salon where Jones works with protests to fire her. A representative from Serenity Salon posted a statement on Facebook stating Jones’ actions do not reflect their establishment’s views.

Serenity Salon is aware of the most recent negative publicity surrounding one of our Booth Rent Stylist. The posting to...

Posted by Serenity Salon on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Meanwhile, the heart attack victim is receiving medical treatment at Methodist Hospital IU in Indianapolis, and a GoFundMe page has been set up by the victim’s daughter was shared by Kilroy’s.

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