Holly Deveaux Set to Portray Casey Anthony in New Movie


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Holly Deveaux, who you may remember from such motion pictures as, well, nothing, has signed on to play Casey Anthony in a new movie produced by -- wait for it -- the Lifetime Network. According to UPI, the film will be entitled "Imperfect Justice", and focus more on the legal aspect of the case than the details surrounding the toddler's murder.

Despite my snarky comments, Deveaux has actually been in a few low-budget productions, including the made-for-television movie "Silent Witness" and the indie flicks "Tile Man", "Unlucky", and "Victoria Day". For those of you who are perpetually glued to the proverbial boob tube, you may have seen the 19 year-old Canadian in such programs as "Less than Kind", "Baxter", and "Murdoch Mysteries".

Also tapped to star in upcoming film are Elizabeth Mitchell ("Lost"), Oscar Nunez ("The Office"), and Rob Lowe, the latter of whom really needs no introduction. Lowe, as you may recall, has starred in a few Lifetime original movies in his day, including "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" with "Big Bang Theory" co-star Kaley Cuoco and "Too Late to Say Goodbye" with Lauren Holly.

Is it too soon for a Casey Anthony movie? Regardless of how you feel about the upcoming production, Lifetime clearly thinks the time is right to tell one side of story. I'm sure ratings will shoot straight through the roof. As always, Twitter users have weighed in on the subject. You can find a small selection of their thoughts and feelings below.

"@ENews: Meet Casey Anthony's Movie Twin: Canadian Actress Holly Deveaux http://t.co/M7HIl9qZ” ... Are you serious ... I can not believe it.
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How to never work in Hollywood again?RT"@ENews: Meet Casey Anthony's Movie Twin: Canadian Actress Holly Deveaux http://t.co/8xl8WMHR"
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@JenInLove: @RobLowe Are you really doing a Casey Anthony movie?”No.It's the story of the man who prosecuted the case.
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Lifetime will make a movie outta anything RT @ascat89 Wow of course there making a lifetime movie out of Casey Anthony.. GOG smh
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"Meet Casey Anthony's Movie Twin: Canadian Actress Holly Deveaux" Girl, THIS IS HOW YOU START YOUR CAREER?? Stay. In. Canada.
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