Hitman's Sexy Nuns Get a Background Story

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The teaser trailer for Hitman: Absolution that featured sexy nun assassins got the attention of the gaming industry, but not in a good way. Instead of focusing on the sheer ridiculousness of the concept, charges of sexism were thrown around because of the way the nuns were dressed and portrayed. The charges even prompted an apology from game developer IO Interactive, which explained that Hitman: Absolution will have a 60's-era exploitation movie theme.

Today, Square Enix is releasing a new teaser video for the new Hitman that gives some background on just who theses nuns are (or were, in the trailer). The video is the latest in the the International Contract Agency (ICA) files series of teaser videos, which give overviews on the main cast of the game. The new video shows that the nun team is made up of former felons, cage fighters, junkies, and, of course, strippers:

Well, that explains it. Because strippers love to wear thigh-highs, leather body suits, and high-heels in their spare time or while out on assassination missions, right? This video certainly won't help to do away with those sexism charges, but it looks as if the style IO Interactive is going for might work in the larger context of Hitman: Absolution.

Oh, and remember the leader of the nuns? The one who was able to hide a rocket launcher in her habit? Square Enix announced today that the character will be voiced by Vivica Fox, of Kill Bill and Independence Day fame. Watch the video below to see what Fox thinks about her character and how motion capture acting for video games compares with acting in a movie:

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