Hitman/Deus Ex Crossover Add-Ons are on the Way [Trailer]


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It's good that Square Enix isn't taking Hitman: Absolution too seriously. The silly costumes and over-the-top villains combine to give the game a sense of fun that some other developers seem to have abandoned.

Today, Square Enix has released a new silly costume add-on that provides some crossover for the company's biggest title of last year, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The "Deus Ex Suit" and "Deus Ex Zenith Gun" are available for $1 on PlayStation 3 and PC, and 80 Microsoft Points via Xbox LIVE. The items dress Agent 47 in the guise of Adam Jensen, the world's most badass cyber-augmented mercenary in the time before J.C. Denton.

The suit and gun are available for use in contracts mode, where players can now role-play 47 as an assassin of the near future.