Hit and Run Driver Was Downloading App When He Struck a Pedestrian


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Texting while driving is a well known danger. Communities across American have introduced laws that prevent people from doing so. But, with the increasing popularity of apps for smartphones, they may want to consider amending laws to include other cell phone activity as well.

Police in Plaistow, New Hampshire are reporting that a man responsible for a hit and run was downloading an app on his phone at the time of an incident.

John Sheehan was driving his van down a residential street when he hit a pedestrian, witnesses say he didn't slow down. Police found a white van in Sheehan's driveway that had damage consistent with the accident.

When police came for Sheehan, he immediately asked "what did I hit?" indicating that he didn't see what happened. He later claimed that he thought it was tree. Authorities are not buying the story, saying there is no way he would not have known. What they do know, is that Sheehan was distracted by an app he was downloading when the accident occurred.

The victim's father isn't buying the story either. His son is 6'3" and weights 300 lbs, and would have been impossible to miss.

The victim (John Stearns) was helicoptered to Boston hospital where he is currently being treated, having undergone multiple surgeries to repair a fractured pelvis and internal bleeding.

Sheehan is being held on felony charges with a bond set at $10,000.

[source: CBS Boston]