Hillary Rodham Clinton: Do Dems Want Her?

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Among many on the political Left, the idea that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the Democrat candidate for President in 2016 is a foregone conclusion. But some are putting on the brakes, insisting that everyone take a breath and look around before charging heading into a default nomination of the former First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State.

In a week that brought the report that current First Lady, Michelle Obama, says she will not follow in Hillary Rodham Clinton's footsteps and seek political office, such as becoming a senator, all eyes are on Hillary.

Will she run? Of course she will run. It's not a question of if, but when.

In a recent Quora discussion, one participant pointed out that presuming Hillary will walk easily to victory in Iowa is a mistake.

"The news out of Iowa is that, shockingly, Iowans don't like being implicitly told they are mere instruments to a coronation."

Of course, what comes out of Iowa only goes so far. In the 2012 Republican race, it was Michelle Bachmann who won the Iowa straw poll. She flamed out soon thereafter. One Republican after another followed her trip to the top and out, including Rick Perry, who was not even in the race in Iowa.

Still, there are other Democrats who would not mind having a legitimate crack at running for the 2016 opening. There is Joe Biden, for one. Conventional leftie wisdom is that he has the best shot at gaining any traction aside from Hillary.

Some people keep whispering Elizabeth Warren's name. Sorry. She won't do it, not this time.

For the most part, any other Dem who throws his hat into the race will be seen as an also-ran who is simply vying for the silver medal, and a shot at Veep or Cabinet consideration.

Further comments on the Quora discussion include:

"There is a set of reasons she (Hillary) was rejected in 2008."

Well, there was one. Obama ran, and he had the African American vote, as well as the votes of many who thought it was time for an African American. The Republicans cast him as very far left, which he turned out not to be. Many Dems who sided with Obama over Hillary in 2008 now have buyers' remorse. He is a big drone strike fan. He laughs off questions about legalizing marijuana. He never closed Gitmo. And he had to be dragged into the 21st century against his will by his own Vice-President when it came to same-sex marriage.

Many former Obama fans are champing at the bit to vote for Hillary.

Now she is coming under fire for not being nuanced enough in her response to a question about her wealth. Anytime a candidate is put under a microscope like that, especially before they even announce their candidacy, you can bet the press smells a contender.

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