Hilary Duff Shares The Troubles of Motherhood & Paparazzi

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Hilary Duff seems to be enjoying motherhood, but admits to OMG Yahoo that it's hard to be a mother when being followed by the paparazzi. Duff explains that it's hard to take a baby out, while being followed by photographers.

"I haven't had to explain it to my son yet, what's going on. For the most part they respect me and they respect my space, but it's tough to always be photographed."

Along with the paparazzi, Duff has run into more normal problems with motherhood, namely losing the weight put on from carrying a human being around in your belly for nine months. She hired a trainer, and with a strict diet and exercise regimen, she was able to reach her goal of burning the 50 lbs. She shared her journey towards weight loss on her Instagram account.

Duff is looking to try and work some more, while balancing her time with her son. Recently, she appeared on the season finale of Two and a Half Men. She explains she was able to take the work, because it fit in with her schedule, and left her plenty of time with her son.

She's hoping to keep the work going, looking to get back into the studio to make music. Of course, the balance act of taking care of her son and work will continue. Not to mention the paparazzi influence. No one said it would ever be easy, right?

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