Hilary Duff and Husband Separate on Compromising Terms


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Today is a very sad day for Hilary Duff’s marriage, or is it?

Duff, 26, and husband Mike Comrie, 33, have decided to call it quits and end their marriage of three years. However, their intentions are completely the opposite in comparison to most celebrity divorces or general divorces for that matter.

According to a report by People, an insider shared how:

"There was no major incident – no big event between the two of them. They really did drift apart. They have put effort and thought into this decision for a long time. They tried couples therapy, but in the end, they realized at this time, they work better as friends. And they really are great friends."

Duff’s reps have also added that the reassessment of their marriage was a mutual agreement and not just “a rash decision.”

Duff’s mother, Susan Duff, confirmed with TMZ that her daughter “loves Mike but sees the breakup this way, "They're better friends than a married couple."”

The two plan to stay best friends for the sake of their 21-month-old son Luca Cruz. Duff and Comrie will preferably be considering joint custody of their son, in which sources say they plan to take to the park TOGETHER.

Duff recently posted a tweet thanking all her fans for their support, which further confirmed her and Comrie's decision.

Here is the most recent photo of the two on New Years Eve…

Thankfully this wasn’t a sudden decision by the two but instead one that ended on compromising terms.

Image via Youtube, TMZ