Hilaria Baldwin's Yoga Pose of the Day: Handstand Kiss

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Hilaria Baldwin, the 30-year-old wife of actor Alec Baldwin (who is 55), is apparently a yoga fanatic.

Most of the pictures and captions on the gorgeous brunette's official Twitter and Instagram accounts prove just that.

On Valentine's Day, however, Baldwin took "fanatic" to a whole new level with her "Yoga Posture of the Day" shot, in which she is kissing Alec on their bed - while doing a handstand!

The image captured shows hubby Alec lying on his back with his wife doing a handstand over him; all while giving each other a sweet Saint Valentine's Day peck.

Hilaria tweeted, "I used to hate Valentine's Day. Then I thought: a day to celebrate love...what a wonderful idea! Enjoy any kind of love u [sic] have in your life."

Baldwin, who is a yoga teacher and self-described "namastater" has taken to some strange places for her 365-day yoga posture challenge. The Extra correspondent says she made a New Year's resolution to post a new yoga pose every day for the year. Some of her craziest poses have been on the train, while blowing out a candle on a cupcake (or so it appears, anyway), and even on a...conference table?

Baldwin's adorable train pose shows she and her super-cute daughter Carmen doing a matching yoga posture in their seats, captioning the shot, "...And now we've done train yoga..."

Apparently Baldwin isn't even afraid to blow out a birthday candle while doing one of her yoga handstands, as this pose of the day says, "Birthday Baksana," meaning "Birthday Crane Pose."

Baldwin captioned her table-handstand Instagram photo "Thanks @themarkmullett & #WME for a great meeting #yogapostureoftheday."

Hilaria Baldwin's Twitter page and Instagram pictures are filled with fans' messages of thanks, as Baldwin has apparently inspired many followers to begin an exercise and meditation program that incorporates yoga.

Baldwin even aroused "yogism" in the women of The View when she made an appearance on the day-time talk show to teach the ladies a thing or two during a yoga segment.

You can catch all of Hilaria's 365 poses for the year by following her on Instagram and Twitter.

Image via hilariabaldwin, Instagram.

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