Here's What NBA Live 14 Looks Like On The PS4, Xbox One

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Last week, 2K Sports revealed the first gameplay footage from NBA 2K14 for PS4 and Xbox One. The video claimed to be taken from a PS4 and it looked absolutely phenomenal. Now EA Sports has revealed the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming next gen basketball title - NBA Live 14. Which one looks better? See for yourself:

To refresh your memory, this is what NBA 2K14 looks like running on the PS4. We can assume that the Xbox One version will look the same:

What's immediately noticeable is that NBA 2K14 is obviously the better looking game. There's no contest as 2K Sports has made what looks to be the most realistic looking basketball game ever made. NBA Live 14 also loses some points for not showing us what its Anthony Davis looks like, but I can't imagine it being able to nail his glorious unibrow as well as NBA 2K14 does.

You can't count out NBA Live 14 just yet, however, as EA Sport's brand new Ignite Engine may bring something new to the table. When it was first revealed, EA Sports said Ignite would make sports seem more real. So it may not look better, but NBA Live 14 definitely sports some impressive player animation.

Even if NBA Live 14 doesn't quite stack up to NBA 2K14, you have to give the guys at EA Sports a break. The team has had to weather their game being canceled for the last two years, and this will be the first time we've seen an NBA game from EA Sports since 2010.

In short, it's nice to finally have some competition in the basketball video game arena again.

NBA Live 14 will launch exclusively on the PS4 and Xbox One on November 15 and November 22 respectively.

[Image: Official EA UK]

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