Here's What Happens When You Park Like a Jerk

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Instead of keying his car or something like that, one YouTuber decided that the best (non-violent) way to deal with a habitually awful parker was to block in his driver-side door with his own car. This is a great tactic if you find yourself out of those "hey, nice parking job asshole" cards that people like to stick on windshields nowadays.

"Sick of this guy taking up two spots every day, so we showed him you actually can still fit another car beside his," says user crisp330.

Most of the fun of this video comes from the justice-seekers cackling at our crappy parker's futile attempts to access his drivers seat. Check it out:

"The guy in the Porsche was probably there early in the morning or something and parked like that because nobody was there...I think the asshole is the dude in the Toyota," says one YouTuber who has been spam voted into oblivion.

"I think we've found our jerk driver," says another commenter in reply.

[via crisp330, YouTube]
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