Here's How Gameplay Video Sharing Works On Xbox One


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On Tuesday, Microsoft made the unfortunate announcement that live streaming Xbox One gameplay via Twitch would miss the console's launch. Now the feature is slated to arrive next year, but that doesn't mean Xbox One gamers won't be able to share their greatest gameplay triumphs with friends at launch.

Microsoft shared details regarding how the Upload Studio works on the Xbox One today to show gamers how they'll be able to share gameplay with friends. As has been previously covered, the Xbox One continuously records the last 5 minutes of gameplay and allows you to edit that footage at any time. You can also say "Xbox, Record that" to capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay.

After you're suitably satisfied with the recording, you will then have to say, "Xbox' go to Upload Studio." From there, you'll be able to edit the video to your heart's content. After that, you can share the clip with your Xbox Live Friends, the community as a whole or even save them as 720p MP4 files in a SkyDrive account. From SkyDrive, you can upload the clips across the Internet at large. It's definitely a better solution than what the PS4 currently offers as recorded gameplay can only be uploaded to Facebook so far.

For more details on the Xbox One Game DVR, check out the video demo below:

The Xbox One launches this Friday. It will be interesting to see just how it stacks up to Sony's impressive day one performance.

[Image: xbox/YouTube]