Here's An Inside Look At PS4 Development From The Diablo III Team


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It was announced in February that Blizzard was returning to console development. Now some may have been disappointed that the developer was only bringing a port of Diablo III to the console, but it's still a pretty big deal to have the fastest selling PC game of all time come to a new console.

As such, the guys at Blizzard spoke to Sony about what it's like to develop for the PS4. In short, they really like the new console. They especially like how the PS4 (and PS3) allows them to bring couch co-op to the Diablo franchise.

I feel that I must point out that Blizzard is super cruel to keep alluding to The Lost Vikings without announcing a new entry in the franchise. We can only hope that Diablo III will be successful enough on consoles to convince Blizzard to begin work on a new entry in its best franchise.

Diablo III will be out on the PS3 later this year, with the PS4 version being out some time after.