Here's A Look At Over 20 Upcoming PS4 Games


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With the PS4 launching in Japan today, Sony has been busy in its home territory with launch parties, trailers and a bunch of celebratory videos. Capcom has already shared a new Deep Down trailer to coincide with the Japanese launch of the PS4, and now Sony has a number of videos showing some of the games coming to the system.

To coincide with the PS4 launch, Sony has shared three videos that detail some of the upcoming titles hitting the PS4 in the next few years. Since this is for the Japanese launch, some of the games shown are titles that launched with the console in North America and Europe in late 2013.

Beyond those titles, there are some quick looks at titles that have yet to launch in any territory. Most of these titles are those coming from Japanese developers and publishers, like Square Enix and Konami. It also provides a look at some titles that are going to remain exclusive to Japan unless some localization magic happens, like Yakuza Ishin and Dreamclub.

While we're at it, here's the Japanese PS4 launch trailer complete with DualShock 4 sword fights:

Image via PlayStation Japan/YouTube