Here's A Closer Look At Bravely Default's Collector's Edition


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Nintendo has traditionally been a rather conservative company when it comes to collector's editions. They would release the game and that's all we ever got. That has started to change in recent years with the release of Collector's Editions for Skyward Sword and The Wind Waker HD. Now the publisher is giving the same treatment to Square Enix' latest 3DS RPG.

Nintendo announced a while back that it would be releasing a Collector's Edition for Bravely Default on the 3DS. The JRPG comes out on Friday and those who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition are no doubt curious in regards to what the special box actually looks like. Well, be curious no more as the Nintendo Minute is here with an unboxing video for the Collector's Edition.

As was previously announced, Nintendo of America went cheap compared to its European brethren and aren't offering a figurine with the U.S. Collector's Edition. Instead, the U.S. version comes with the game, artbook, soundtrack CD and a deck of AR cards. Check it out below:

Bravely Default will be out on February 7 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Image via Nintendo/YouTube