Here's A Behind The Scenes Look At The Last Of Us: Left Behind

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The Last of Us was easily one of the best games of 2013 thanks to its stellar gameplay and mature storytelling that didn't treat its audience like a bunch of a bunch of adolescent boys. It seemed like Naughty Dog would never be able to outdo itself, but it did with the first and only single-player DLC for the game.

The Last of Us: Left Behind was released earlier this month to rave reviews from critics and players alike. The tale of Ellie's final day with best friend Riley was tragic, heartwarming and everything else in between. If you've already made your way the three hour campaign, you may find yourself interested in how the team at Naughty Dog made something so wonderful.

In a new video released today, Naughty Dog shares a behind the scenes look at how Left Behind came together. A single player DLC campaign was a first for the team and a lot of work went into the project to ensure that it came out just as good, if not better, than the main game.

Quick note: The below video does have spoilers for The Last of Us and Left Behind so you'll want to avoid watching the video if you haven't played either:

Image via GamersPrey/YouTube

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