Here's A Behind The Scenes Look At Sonic Boom


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Sega surprised everyone earlier this month when it announced a reboot of Sonic called Sonic Boom. The new game ties into a new CG-animated TV series and toy line that will be produced by Sega's Western branch. While details on the actual game are still scarce, a new video gives us a look at how the project came together.

First things first - it's obvious that the team working on Sonic Boom have a deep love and respect for the character of Sonic. For many of them, the original Sonic games were an inspiration when they began to work in the industry. They bring that same love to this project and want to make an action/adventure game that seemingly pulls from older Sonic games like Sonic Adventure 2 as well as Naughty Dog games like Jak and Daxter.

As for the cartoon, the team reveals that they're writing a consistent narrative that will build upon previous episodes. In other words, Sonic Boom will be more like Sonic SatAM and less like Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Oh, and those worried over Sonic Boom's direction need not be concerned. Sonic Team reaffirms in the video above that they will continue making modern Sonic games in the vein of Sonic Lost World alongside the Sonic Boom franchise. We can only hope that their next title is more like Sonic Generations instead of the generally awful Lost World.

Image via SegaAmerica/YouTube