Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt Bash Lauren Conrad — Again

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Heidi Montag and her husband, Spencer Pratt, don't seem to think enough is enough.

As Us Weekly points out, The Hills may have ended five years ago, but people still consider Montag and Pratt two of the biggest villains in reality TV. Although they may not deny the title, they seem to take issue over the moniker when it comes to their relationship with Lauren Conrad.

“I spent years pretending to like her for a living,” Montag, 29, told the magazine of her former roommate and friend. “It was literally my job to deal with her, and it wasn’t pleasant… I had nothing to do with her problems. I even tried to help her. The fact is, she lied about me and tried to destroy my life, yet I was the one painted as the villain so the show could have her as the good guy.”

Although cast members of the hit MTV reality series have concurred that the show was scripted, Montag says that hasn’t changed the public’s perception of her or her husband.

“It’s not that I care about [LC] anymore, but it is upsetting to me that everyone knows by now that The Hills was a scripted show, yet people still think the negative stuff about me that the show set up to make me the villain to her hero was real. It’s bizarre,” said Heidi. “It’s like if people were still mad at James Earl Jones for being the voice of Darth Vader!”

Recently, Pratt, 32, said some rather harsh words about Lauren Conrad to Complex magazine.

“Lauren is a cold-hearted killer,” Pratt said. "That’s what people don’t get. She will cut you in your sleep. She tried to destroy us. If you want to throw missiles, I’m throwing a nuke. This is how I operate."

Heidi Montag told Us Weekly that she means no harm to Lauren Conrad, 29, but she feels she no longer has to continue with the fictionalized version of herself that was created for the show.

“I don’t wish her any ill will, but I also don’t have to lie for her or play along with her story line as part of my job anymore,” Montag said. “I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t for those years I was on the show and I think people got an image of me that just wasn’t me. So I’ve just decided that I’m never going to be anything other than honest about her or my time on the show.”

Is anyone else tired of the bickering between Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Lauren Conrad?

Pam Wright