Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Reunited With Pal Brody Jenner

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Heidi Montag and long-time beau Spencer Pratt were recently reunited with Pratt’s former best bud Brody Jenner.

It’s been four years since the pair had an ugly falling out on The Hills, but it looks like time heals all wounds.

"Brody's an incredible friend,” Pratt told USWeekly. He explained that part of the problem was that the two “got caught up playing” their Hills related roles.

Said Pratt, “Now that we're back to actual reality, it's all good.”

The group, which included Pratt, Jenner, Montag and Jenner’s mother Linda Thompson were out having dinner when someone decided to commemorate the reunion officially with a group photo.

The resulting Instagram photo of the outing was shared by Pratt on his Instagram account, along with the caption: “Amazing night @nobumalibu with the crew!”

Even though this is the first confirmation that Jenner and Pratt had buried the hatchet, USWeekly believes that the two began to renew their friendship last summer.

After Jenner’s confrontation with father Bruce about their problematic relationship, it was Pratt who reached out via Twitter, offering him support.

He tweeted the following message to Jenner's mother:

The group reportedly got together to celebrate Brody Jenner’s new podcast.

“He’s great, we’re great,” said Pratt.

It’s been pointed out that these kind supportive words for Jenner are a 180 degree turn from his sentiments in 2010.

Back then Pratt was pretty vicious in his opinion of Jenner, including negative comments about his former friend's tattoo choices and even his dating habits.

Perhaps the lack of fame has given Pratt more time to appreciate the people in his life who are around when the cameras aren’t rolling.

As for Pratt's wife Heidi Montag, she seems to be pretty happy that her man Pratt and Jenner are on good terms once again.

On her Twitter account, Montag re-tweeted USWeekly's mention of the group's night out together.

Image via Spencer Pratt, Instagram

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