Heidi Klum and Seal Do Disney With the Kids

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Heidi Klum and ex-hubby Seal may have had a rocky break up but the two appear to be taking their co-parenting duties very seriously--and succeeding at them, too. The two were spotted with their children--Leni is 10, Henry is 8, Johan is 7, and Lou is 4 years old--doing Disneyland and having lots of wholesome family fun. It was Wednesday when the whole gang was spotted riding the rides and laughing with Mickey Mouse.

Klum, who is presently a judge on American's Got Talent, and the 'Kiss from a Rose' singer split back in 2012 after seven married years together. At Disneyland the family enjoyed King Triton's Carousel, the teacups (hope no one threw up), a boat ride, and even a roller coaster.

One of the brave parents (who survives that many theme park rides in one day?) was still smiling when it came time to ham it up with Mickey Mouse.

"Great day in Disneyland!!!! Thank you Mickey!!" Heidi Klum captioned her Instagram photo.

On Sunday the supermodel turned 41, so perhaps the Disneyland adventure was a pre-birthday family bash for Mom? No one would believe the former Sports Illustrated cover girl and Victoria's Secret model was past 40 if they didn't see it in black and white. Klum has aged gracefully and doesn't appear as though she's had much--if anything--done to preserve her youth.

Kudos to Heidi Klum and Seal for their efforts at co-parenting. For many parents this becomes dropping the children off at the ex's for the weekend or shuffling back and forth a week at a time. This mode of co-parenting Klum and Seal appear to have isn't so much about the living arrangements as it is about being a family, and making it clear to the children that even though Mom and Dad couldn't make their marriage work that they're still a family and that their parents will unite for their benefit.

One day all six of them will reap the benefits of having raised their children this way.

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