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The Analytical Benefits of Using Web Heatmap Software

Wherever there are customers, there’s always a desire to understand their needs and behavior. Understanding customer behavior can lead to significant benefits for a business. Often it comes down...
The Analytical Benefits of Using Web Heatmap Software
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Wherever there are customers, there’s always a desire to understand their needs and behavior. Understanding customer behavior can lead to significant benefits for a business. Often it comes down to generating interest in a product or service then figuring out ways to convert the customer to use it. A positive user experience on your website can generate plenty of leads and eventually lead to conversions along the way.

    A website must be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and have a clear purpose. Otherwise, users will just move on to the next best thing. To understand user behavior on your website, you can use a tool known as a heat map. Heat maps are an excellent way to take an analytical approach to understanding your users and eventually your customer’s behavior. Here’s a quick look at the analytical benefits of using heat maps. 

    Heatmaps Defined

    As you enter the exciting world of audience analytics and consider using web heatmaps, it helps to understand what they are and how they work. A website heat map is a suite of software tools that creates a visual of what’s happening with a website. It uses color-coding to display different metrics. Think of it as a visual representation of data. Heat maps aggregate data from whatever metrics you’ve defined using certain tools.

    These tools might include session recording which logs and tracks how users interact with websites, conversion funnels analysis tools, and other tools to help you analyze and optimize forms/user feedback tools. While there are many different providers of heat maps, sometimes the best way to go is with a suite of heat map tools that help you optimize your website’s user experience to ultimately create more conversions by understanding customer behavior/interests.

    Understand How Users Interact With Your Site

    The entire point of analytics is to understand data. When it comes to the ideal e-commerce website, you want to have something that’s easy for users to interact with while allowing them every opportunity to conveniently make purchases. When visitors interact with your site, heatmap tools can help track interaction vectors like where they click, how far they scroll, keyboard input, which pages they’re visiting, how long they stay on a particular page.

    A session recording tool can track and measure all of those vectors in a private way without breaking any compliance standards (such as GDPR) or jeopardizing their privacy/security. Using this tool, you can understand the outcomes of AB testing, figure out how to optimize the website experience based on what users are actually doing when they visit your site, and deploy a better marketing strategy from understanding customer interactions on your website.

    Save Time

    Time is a finite resource, even for the best of us. Heat maps are useful and practical for saving time when you’re building a marketing strategy. Understanding the insights provided by the software allows an entire team to build a better plan, fix any bugs in the software, redesign the user interface, and increase traffic. Moreover, analytics can help save time and money by complementing the user testing process to create a much more efficient website in the long term. A better user experience/website leads to more interest which can in turn eventually create those conversions over time.

    Create Conversions

    Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is pretty nuanced. You need to understand what users are looking for when they come to your website and how to provide it for them in an uncomplicated way. Through the CRO process, you can analyze and optimize every point where a conversion can take place. Powerful website heatmap software tools offer several methods for creating more conversion opportunities at every stop along the way. Whether it’s mouse movement, seeing how far users scroll, or understanding when and why they are putting items in their carts, you can use a heat map to leverage The conversion process to your advantage by paying attention to the tools/insights provided with the software.

    Increase Online Revenue

    At the end of the day, the goal of increasing revenue is pretty important. So how do heat maps help accomplish this? Well, the more conversions a keymap creates, the more customers make purchases. Heatmap analytics help you learn how users are making purchases on your site as well as what they’re buying. In this manner, you can find products to fit your customers which can ultimately increase sales/revenue. When you’re spending a great deal of time trying to get your customers to make the purchase, you need to make sure that the purchase page is optimized enough to actually create that conversion.

    Conversion funnel tools as part of the heat map software suite can’t help with this. Other tools also provide ways to generate revenue. The key is to implement the tools as soon as possible and use them as often as possible. That way, you are taking advantage of any insights you can glean and fully optimizing the customer experience to maximize your gains.

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