Heather Graham Hints About "Californication" Role

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Heather Graham sat down for an interview recently on "Today" and talked a bit about her new role on Californication, saying she couldn't come right out and talk about her character but could give us some hints.

"In the first episode they revealed that David (Duchovny, who plays Hank Moody on the show) has a son that he's never known about....so I'm in the next episode," she said.

The blonde bombshell also talked about her "nerd" status and said she was a geeky kid with neck gear, not unlike Joan Cusack's character in 16 Candles. The image definitely doesn't gel with what we know of Graham, who has played some of the sexiest characters on film throughout her career.

"I think when you grow up, how you see yourself as a teenager or a kid, you always kind of feel that way about yourself even though you think, 'Oh it's so cool that people see me in this other way', you know inside that you're just a big nerd," she said.

The actress made headlines this week with an interview she did with Esquire in which she calls the movie industry sexist. The 44-year old actress says that although she's happy to still be getting roles, she does recognize that the business leans heavily towards one side.

"It's totally sexist. If you look at all the movies being made these days, eighty percent of them are about men," she said. "There's not much I can do about it. It's a sexist world and a sexist industry. But I've been very lucky as an actress, to work as much as I have and as consistently as I have. And when you don't see the kind of stories out there that represent you, you have to make them yourself."

That said, it might come as a surprise to some that she's chosen to accept a role on a show like Californication, where women are little more than pleasure centers for the main character. Still, she says, the "sexy mom" role is one she'll take because she doesn't get to be a mother in real life.

"I'm just glad to be working. I'm not actually a mom in real life, so it's fun to pretend to be one. I like to approach things the same in art as in life. You can choose to look on the positive side and enjoy whatever roles you're given. You can find the silver lining in anything."

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