Heart Attack Grill May Have Claimed Second Victim


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Heart Attack Grill sounds like a very menacing place. When someone willingly ingests food from an establishment with such a dangerous-sounding name, it's kind of pointless for them to complain about any problems they may suffer as a result of their gluttonous consumption. Back in February, a rather unfortunate gentleman suffered a heart attack while downing something called a "triple bypass burger", a concoction so monstrous that it comes with a disclaimer. Of course, this kind of goes without saying. The dish was served by a waitress dressed as a nurse at a place called Heart Attack Grill. In short, the guy was asking for trouble.

It shouldn't come as any surprise that the restaurant may have claimed its next victim. A female customer, who was reportedly shoveling down a "double bypass burger" while smoking cigarettes and tossing a margarita down the hatch, collapsed in the middle of this seriously unhealthy American meal. The customer was then transported to a nearby hospital, where she underwent emergency treatment. However, it's unclear whether or not the burger itself caused the episode or if it was a sinister combination of dangerous food, cigarette smoke, and alcohol. Either way, I'd say she was gleefully spitting in the face of fate with this particular adventure.

"She was eating, drinking, smoking, laughing, dancing, having fun," restaurant owner "Dr. Jon" Basso, told the Los Angeles Times. "But when you treat your body like that day in and day out, eventually your body is going to give out." That's a bold statement. Once upon a time, the restaurant was offering free meals to anyone over 350 pounds. I'm sure they've changed their policy by this point. Then again, maybe not.

Apparently there are signs hanging inside the Heart Attack Grill that proudly proclaim, "This Establishment is Bad for Your Health". You know, just in case the restaurant's name wasn't enough of a warning to your digestive system. However, I seriously doubt this will scare anyone away from partaking in such dangerous dining habits. If anything, this will turn out to be fantastic publicity for the Las Vegas eatery.

So what's the deal? Would you take your family to a place called "Heart Attack Grill"? Is having some sort of medical emergency mid-meal a rite of passage in this joint? Let's hear what you have to say in the comments section.

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