Hearing Aids Get Smart, Can Be Controlled By An iPhone


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Hearing aids aren't exactly what you would consider high tech. Sure, the technology has come a long way since its introduction in 1898, but nobody has paired it with a smart phone... until now.

Beltone, one of the world's largest manufacturers of hearing aids, announced the Beltone First today. The electronic hearing aid is the first that can be controlled remotely via a user's iPhone. The hearing aid paired with the power of the iPhone allow for unprecedented sound quality, or so claims Beltone.

"Our new Beltone First hearing aids are a game changer for a growing number of baby boomers who have been looking for a hearing aid that truly meets their on-the-go lifestyle needs," said Todd Murray, President of Beltone. "These new iPhone compatible hearing aids definitely add a 'cool factor' that hopefully encourages those who've avoided wearing hearing aids in the past to finally make the move!"

The Beltone First claims to offer a number of advantages over a typical hearing aid:

  • Beltone First hearing aids wirelessly communicate with each other to self-adjust as a person's surroundings change.
  • The free Beltone HearPlus app recognizes the places an individual regularly visits and automatically applies the right settings. "Find My Hearing Aid" locates misplaced devices.
  • Provide unprecedented sound quality and connection between the iPhone and the hearing aid via Beltone's award-winning, third generation 2.4 GHz technology.
  • Beltone got its new hearing aid into the ear of a user and they said the major benefit is that he can now change audio levels covertly. While one shouldn't be ashamed of having hearing aids, one can still be embarrassed when they have to manually adjust them in plain sight. With the Beltone First, a user can adjust levels from their iPhone so nobody has to know they're wearing hearing aids in the first place.

    Here's an ad that shows what Beltone is talking about:

    Beltone notes that the release of the Beltone First coincides with Better Hearing & Speech Month. During the month, everybody is encouraged to get their hearing checked.

    Image via Beltone