Harvard University Reopens Evacuated Buildings Following Bomb Threat

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Early Monday morning around 8:40 a.m., Harvard University evacuated three to four buildings after an email was sent to the police department that “explosives may have been hidden in the three academic buildings -- the Harvard Science Center, Sever Hall and Emerson Hall -- and a freshman dormitory, Thayer Hall.”

The school reopened the doors earlier in the afternoon after what law enforcement has confirmed to be a hoax.

The threat came at a time when students were taking end of the semester final exams, which resulted in cancelation or rescheduling.

Some assume that a student who needed more time to study may have sent in the threat.

Harvard sent out alert emails, text messages and voicemails around 9 a.m. ordering students to evacuate certain locations on the campus. Pedestrians near the Harvard Yard were turned away whereas those with campus identification were allowed to enter.


In a message to the Ivy League community, Katie Lapp, a university executive vice president, assured students and staff that it was okay to return to the campus’ premises.

"I am relieved to report that no suspicious devices were found," she said. "At this time, we know of no specific threat to campus and activities are returning to normal."


Harvard students were advised to continue with their examinations and class work according to the directions given by their professors.

Harvard’s locked down and evacuation is among some of the many campus scares that have occurred within the past year.

According to a report by NBC News, “Last month, another Ivy League school, Yale University, was locked down for almost six hours after a report that an armed man was heading to the school. Authorities later said it was believed to be a hoax.”

Image Credit: Youtube, WorldNews via Associated Press

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