Harley Burial: Man is Buried on Harley Motorcycle

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An 82-year-old man from Ohio had his last wishes granted when he was buried on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. While it isn't unheard of for people to be buried with personal objects, not only was Bill Standley buried with his Harley, he was buried sitting on top of it wearing his riding gear.

According to Dorothy Brown, Standley's daughter, her dad first mentioned being buried with his Harley about 18 years ago. "He said, 'What am I supposed to do, I've got two sons, only got one bike.' My sister just off-handedly said, 'Oh dad just be buried with it,'" said Brown. "I think it was about two weeks after that that it really hit him, what a great idea. And we all just like, 'Dad!' And he goes, 'No that's how I'm going out!' We all still thought he was kidding. 18 years later, guess what."

Standley was buried with his 1967 Harley in a custom casket on Friday. The Plexiglas casket Standley was buried in was built by his two sons years earlier. According to his sons, their father loved to take guests out to his garage and show off the casket. “If you stopped by his house, he showed you his casket,” Roy Standley said.

Brown said that Standley wanted all of his family and friends to see him take his last ride, and his kids made sure it happened. "If we had ever asked dad anything in his lifetime, something special, dad would do his best to do it for us. So this is all we could do for him. Some people walk through the pearly gates, some people ride," said Brown. Check out a picture of Standley's last ride below.

Here is a closeup of Standley on his Harley in the casket before his burial:


As strange as the Harley burial might sound, this isn't the first time someone has made a rather peculiar last request. When country music legend Jimmy Dean died in 2010, he was buried in a grand piano tomb. Even stranger, rapper Tupac Shakur was cremated and members of his rap group Young Outlawz said they smoked his ashes.

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