Happy Meal Mascot for McDonald's is Nicknamed "McScary"


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Have you always thought that Ronald McDonald was a bit on the creepy side? If so, you aren't alone, and now it appears that McDonald's has taken creepy to a new level with their new Happy Meal mascot named "Happy." The Happy Meal mascot debuted on the Facebook and Twitter pages for McDonald's on Monday and has since been renamed "McScary" by the Internet.

McDonald's is using the Happy Meal mascot in their campaign to encourage kids to eat healthier, which will include choosing yogurt over french fries when the chain makes that a Happy Meal side option starting on July 4. "Happy is about bringing more fun and excitement to kids’ meals, including eating wholesome food choices like low-fat yogurt," the company said in a statement.

Check out McScary/Happy below:

So, yeah, that's Happy. That's the little cartoon guy that is supposed to encourage your kids to make healthy food choices. If this was a move to actually scare kids away from making healthy food choices and make them clamor for more double cheeseburgers, sodas, and fries, then well played, McDonald's, well played. Otherwise, most people are left wondering what the hell is going on with the creepy animated mascot that has bulging eyes, huge teeth, and looks like his cheeriness is drug induced. The nickname McScary is well deserved, no doubt.

The Twitter response to McDonald's debuting the Happy Meal mascot has been quite entertaining. Check out a few tweets below and search for the hashtag #HappyMeal or #McScary for more comments.

McDonald's has made a couple of followup tweets since debuting Happy, and the company appears to be taking the confusion, fear, and mocking in stride.

Just so you know, Happy isn't new--McDonald's introduced the mascot overseas back in 2009, and apparently it was successful enough to bring to the United States five years later. Maybe Europeans just don't scare as easily as Americans (or Twitter wasn't popular enough to make mocking a kid's fast food hamburger mascot a thing back then).

If you want to see more of McScary, check out the video below or watch the 31-second video on the McDonald's Facebook page.

Image via Twitter