Hannah Graham Missing: Parents Beg For Help


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University of Virginia student Hannah Graham is still missing and her parents are desperately searching for more information to lead them to her whereabouts.

Despite an arrest in the case and thousands of tips pouring in, her parents issued a new statement, pleading for any critical information that could bring their 18-year-old daughter back.

"Somebody listening to me today either knows where Hannah is, or knows someone who has that information," Sue Graham, Hannah's mother, said. "We appeal to you to come forward and tell us where Hannah can be found."

"Please, please, please help end this nightmare for all of us," she added. "Please help us to bring Hannah home."

Graham was last seen in an area of Charlottesville known as the Downtown Mall on September 13. Since then, her friends and family members have remained hopeful that she would be found. A $100,000 reward is being offered for her to be returned home safely.

On September 24, authorities in Texas arrested a suspect in the disappearance of Hannah. 32-year-old Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. was extradited to Virginia and is being held in jail. He is believed to be the last person who was with Graham before she disappeared and is being charged with abduction with intent to defile. According to eye-witnesses, the pair were last seen entering a restaurant in Charlottesville called Tempo, and later left the bar together.

Mathew has also been forensically linked to the disappearance and murder of 20-year-old Morgan Harrington, a Virginia Tech student who went missing in 2009 after a Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville. Matthew was working as a cab driver on the night Harrington went missing.