Halo Fan Film Gives Gamers A History Lesson


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Halo has always been an obvious choice for a film adaptation due to its massive popularity and mainstream appeal outside of the gaming population. It's just had the unfortunate luck of no studio wanting to actually fund it. Good thing there are fan films that realize our dreams.

Halo: The Fallen is a new film project that seeks to tell the story of the marines during the first Halo game. It's a massive undertaking as there's not a lot in the Halo lore about the regular marines since the focus has understandably been on the Spartans. I welcome this unique take on the Halo universe, but rest assured that Spartans will also feature in this new fan film. It wouldn't be Halo without them.

While the film isn't out yet, the team has released a prologue that sets up the first contact between humanity and the Covenant. If this premise isn't enough to sell you on how awesome it is, the attention to detail and CGI push it into the higher echelon of fan projects. It's even more impressive that these guys made the prologue with a budget of $200.

Check out the prologue and tell us what you think. I for one can't wait until the full film is out.

[Hat tip to Joystiq]