Halle Berry Talks Lost Ring, Divorce Rumors and Her Figure-Friendly Diet

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When Halle Berry lost her wedding ring while accepting the Silver Jaguar Award at the Acapulco International Film Festival in 2014, the rumor mill kicked up big time with reports that the Extant actress was divorcing husband Olivier Martinez.

Those rumors are absolutely false, says Halle Berry.

Berry still doesn't know what happened to the ring, and the couple simply decided not to buy a new engagement ring after it either slipped off her finger or she accidentally left it somewhere. Her wedding band remains securely on her left hand and her marriage remains strong.

Another Halle Berry strength is her rock hard body at the age of (almost) 48. The actress admits that it's not always easy to stay healthy with two young children, Maceo, 22 months, and Lahlia, who is seven, and a successful career.

“It is a whole lot of work. I mean, I’ve never worked so hard in my life. I was nursing, my baby was just three months old when we started, so I was doing drive-by nursings every two hours,” Berry told The Daily Mail.

Halle maintains her enviable figure by following a sugar-free, low-carb diet and working out regularly.

As a diabetic, Halle Berry is especially careful about monitoring her food intake.

“Because I’m diabetic, I totally changed my diet and workout regimen a few years ago. I don’t eat fried foods or refined sugar — only natural sugar in fruit and vegetables. And I don’t eat carbs a lot,” she said.

Halle also believes that avoiding sugar helps with staying young.

“I avoid sugar and that helps with anti-aging. I use Xylitol as a sugar substitute and give it to my daughter. I strongly believe in talking about nutrition at an early age and setting a good example.”

As for her workout routine, Halle Berry consults with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and follows his 5-Factor Fitness program that emphasizes a combination of cardio with core work and strength training.

Pam Wright