Halle Berry: Is She Getting A Divorce? Missing Engagement Ring Explained

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Halle Berry is not divorcing Olivier Martinez, sources say.

The rumors about the two divorcing soon came out after Halle Berry lost her engagement ring. French actor, Olivier Martinez, gave her the emerald ring in March 2012 during his proposal.

According to a report by TMZ, Berry apparently lost the precious ring in Mexico. The 48-year-old actress attended the Acapulco International Film Festival last year. She believes the engagement ring might have slipped off her finger or someone may have taken it.

The couple have not replaced the ring as of yet because they have been busy these past few months. Berry spent two years working on the TV series Extant. She admitted,  'It was tough last year. I sort of got my sea legs, as they say. I was nursing my two-month old baby when I started," she wrote in an article for Deadline. "The hours were brutal. I just was like a deer in the headlights. This year I was much more prepared."

Olivier, on the other hand, has been busy with TV shows Revenge and Texas Rising.

Aside from their careers, they have a family to look after. Their son, Maceo is almost 2 years year old and Nahla, Berry’s daughter with her ex-husband Gabriel Aubry, is now six.

Despite denying the rumors, one report by RadarOnline.com stated that a divorce is about to happen soon.

Berry’s husband, Martinez, allegedly had violent disputes with several people during the course their relationship. As such, the actress suggested that Martinez seek counseling in order to save the marriage. The powerhouse couple was reported to be living separately; Martinez is now in Malibu while Berry spends her time in the Hollywood Hills.

There seems to be more the story but Berry and Martinez are still publicly claiming that their marriage is solid.

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